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Mobile Application Privacy Policy

This App is distributed by TechLite Designs, a design and development enterprise. We know that your privacy is important to you, and we work hard to earn and keep your trust. We have created this Policy to let you know what Personal Information we collect when you use our Apps, how we use and share the Personal Information we collect, and how we protect your privacy.

If you have any questions about this Policy or our privacy practices, please contact us using our gmail address.

Effective Date


Your Consent

Please take a few minutes to review this Policy before using this App.

This Policy is Part of Our Terms of Use

This Policy is part of the Terms of Use that govern your use of this App.

Privacy Notices

This Policy may be supplemented or amended from time to time by “privacy notices.” These Privacy Notices provide a level of detail that we cannot provide in this more general description of our privacy practices. For example, our App may contain Privacy Notices providing details about any changes to this poolicy.

About this App

This App is for your use and entertainment. We do not collect any information. The information made available to us through the Google Play Store and the use of any advertisements contained in the App contains no personal information. We use it for analysis of how well our Apps are being accepted.

Types of Information We Collect

None. Period.

How We Use Personal Information Collected Through This App

We do NOT collect any information and therefore do not use any information except as described above.

Your Choices

In General, we respect your privacy rights completely. We do not see a need to collect your information.

How We Share Your Personal Information With Others

Simple: Since we don't collect any information, we can't share it.

Links to Third-Party Websites

This App may contain advertisements that link to websites operated by other organizations (a third party) such as advertisers. This Policy does not apply to Personal Information collected on any of these third-party websites. When you access third-party websites through an ad link on this App, please take a few minutes to review the privacy policy posted on that site.

This Policy May Change

This Policy describes Techlite Design’s current policies and practices with regard to the Personal Information we collect through our Apps.

We are continually improving and adding to the features and functionality of this App and the services we offer through this App. As a result of these changes (or changes in the law), we may need to update or revise this Policy. Accordingly, we reserve the right to update or modify this Policy at any time.

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