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C l o c k r o b a t s !

Clockrobats! is a precision accuracy digital clock with fun animated and entertaining acrobatic figures. These little ACROBATS tumble and jump from number to number to form the display that tells you the time.

Great for a table, desk or night stand display using your phone or tablet, this clock will catch everyone's attention. Touching the display will set all the acrobats tumbling and returning to their time-telling positions. Every so often two or more acrobats randomly exchange positions. Back flipping acrobat keeps track of seconds. This version is not an alarm clock - it's just great fun to watch!


  • Phone or tablet
  • Touch the screen to animate
  • 12-24 hr. display
  • Full screen app
  • Battery saving screen dimmer
  • Screen color designs of red, green or blue
The screen dimming feature makes it a terrific night time clock without being too bright, especially using the soothing blue screen color.

It's a great clock to display on a table or desk while charging your phone.

This first release is free with ad support.

A full featured release is coming soon that includes an alarm clock setting, more color choices and ad-free.

Find it at the Google Play Store

Check out Magic 8 Plus!

Magic 8 Plus

THREE TIMES THE FUN of other Magic 8 Ball style games!
One game with 3 versions:
1) "ORIGINAL" which is reminiscent of the old style Magic 8 Ball. Ask it any yes or no question and shake it to get an answer.
2) "NEW YORK CITY" to get the flavor of being downtown and asking a New York cabbie your most intimate questions at rush hour.
3) "MILITARY" and it gives you the feeling that you're asking your drill sergeant things you shouldn't. And it will tell you an answer just like your DI would.

Always a hit at parties and among intimate friends, it really is a lot of fun. Of course, it gives random answers with no regard to the truth so don't take it too seriously. Just have fun!

Ask it a yes/no question, then you can shake it to get the answers after asking a question, or turn on touch mode to simply touch the screen (good for larger tablets.)
Each version has it's own sounds to increase your enjoyment, but you can turn the sound off if you are in a quiet place.
Shake it or touch it, just ask the yes or no question and enjoy the responses.
Have fun.


  • 3 different styles of answers
  • 20 original answers reminiscent of the original 8 ball
  • 20 New York City yes/no/maybe answers
  • 20 Military yes/no/maybe answers
  • Shake or optionally touch the screen to activate the answers
  • Shake sensors automatically calibrate to device during the first few shakes
  • Sounds are appropriate for each style
  • Turn sounds off or on from menu
Find it at the Google Play Store

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